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CloudTalk Reviews, Features & Pricing

About CloudTalk

CloudTalk revolutionizes business communication with a phone system for startups, SMEs, and e-commerce. Offering over 70 advanced calling features, our VoIP suite integrates with CRM, Helpdesk, and eCommerce platforms, ensuring personalized and efficient customer interactions.

CloudTalk Features

  • Custom Extensions: Create or import custom extensions for your agents, simplifying searching and transferring customers to ensure efficient resolutions.
  • Voicemail: Maintain personalized customer interactions outside business hours or during peak times when agents are occupied, with customizable voicemail options.
  • 3-Way Calling: Enhance problem-solving with the ability to listen to calls or bring experienced colleagues to assist with complex customer issues, ensuring seamless service without customer notice.
  • Call Transfers: Facilitate call transfers to internal and external contacts with a single click, including the option to brief your colleague about the case beforehand for a coherent customer journey.
  • Campaigns: Empower your agents by creating tailored campaigns equipped with notes, call scripts, and questionnaires, helping to structure calls and improve interaction quality.
  • Smart Dialer: Boost calling efficiency with custom single-click call queues sourced from any website or CRM, reducing call times by up to 50% and enhancing productivity.
  • Power Dialer: Triple your outreach with the Power Dialer feature, eliminating repetitive tasks and enabling agents to focus on automated call campaigns, significantly increasing contact rates.
  • Voicemail Drop: Optimize your sales team's efforts by enabling them to leave pre-recorded voicemail messages for prospects, saving time and ensuring consistent messaging.
  • Call Queuing: Automate call distribution to the most relevant agents based on customer status, agent technical skills, or specific business needs, reducing wait times and improving satisfaction.
  • Call Flow Designer: Tailor your inbound calling journey with Call Flow Designer to meet the requirements of your business and exceed customer expectations.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Simplify navigation for your callers with a multi-level IVR system, guiding them efficiently to the appropriate service or agent enhancing their overall experience.
  • Skill-Based Routing: Assign custom skills to your agents or teams and route calls based on their expertise, ensuring customers are connected to the most qualified person to address their needs.

CloudTalk Benefits:

  • Team Performance Monitoring: With the ability to listen to ongoing calls or record them for future analysis, CloudTalk helps you ensure quality control and offers opportunities for training and improvement, directly impacting the quality of customer service.
  • System Integration: By integrating your phone system with leading CRM, e-commerce, and helpdesk systems such as Pipedrive, Helpscout, or Shopify, CloudTalk simplifies communication workflows, ensuring that customer information is easily accessible, leading to more personalized and efficient customer interactions.
  • Comprehensive Call Centre Dashboard: Keep a pulse on your team's performance with our detailed call centre dashboard, which provides a real-time overview of key metrics. This visibility enables managers to make informed decisions to enhance productivity and service quality.
  • Customization for Personalized Service: The ability to create custom fields and add customized tags to contacts allows agents to capture and utilize relevant customer data. This level of personalization ensures that callers feel valued and understood, significantly improving the customer experience.
  • Efficient Call Routing: Utilize CloudTalk's advanced call distribution, IVR, and skill-based routing to ensure callers are quickly connected to the most appropriate department or agent, reducing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Localized Customer Experience: Create an automated outbound caller ID based on the destination country of your call, making your business feel local to your customers worldwide and increasing the likelihood of call acceptance.
  • Real-Time Performance Insights with Wallboard: Motivate your team and enhance performance with CloudTalk’s customizable Wallboard. This feature provides agents with live updates on call centre metrics, fostering a dynamic and responsive working environment that encourages continuous improvement.

CloudTalk Canada Plans and Pricing

The CloudTalk pricing structure is given below:

Starter Plan- US$25 per user per month

  • Unlimited inbound calls
  • Click to call
  • Automated call distribution
  • Mobile app
  • Unlimited call queuing
  • International numbers

Essential - US$30 per user per month

  • All Starter features
  • Advanced analytics with unlimited history
  • Real-time client dashboard
  • Integrations to other systems
  • Open API
  • Skill-based routing
  • Smart queueing
  • SMS / Text messages
  • Workflow Automation

Expert - US$50 per user per month

  • All Essential features
  • Salesforce integration
  • Power Dialer, Smart Dialer
  • Call Monitoring (Call Barging, Call Whispering)
  • Wallboards
  • Speech to text
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Unlimited concurrent calls

Custom – On Demand

  • All Expert features
  • Custom onboarding
  • Unlimited outbound calls (Flat rates)
  • Enterprise-level security
  • Developer support
  • Custom reporting
  • SLA

Editorial Verdict

CloudTalk emerges as a VoIP solution for businesses looking to improve customer communication and internal efficiency. With its suite of over 70 advanced features, integrations with major CRM and eCommerce platforms, and user-friendly design, CloudTalk simplifies call management and significantly enhances customer engagement and satisfaction. CloudTalk is suitable for startups, SMEs, and e-commerce.

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