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Canada’s Best VoIP Service Providers, Compared & Reviewed Instantly

The next generation of phone conversations, customer interactions, and team collaborations are here. VoIP phone systems pack all the benefits of good old telephones that you know and trust, but with modern functionalities that support the increasingly complex demands of customer success in the digital age. The only question is — how do you find the right provider for your needs? is a one-stop-shop portal to the latest VoIP phone systems from the most trusted providers in the market. Discover leading communication solutions for changing the way you do business and keeping customers happy via our well-curated comparison table that harbors Canada's VoIP Service providers reviews submitted by real users. curates the latest offers and most advanced VoIP phone systems from award-winning providers like RingCentral, Intratel, 8x8, Cogeco, Primus, and Versature. Each VoIP system from these leading providers packs powerful features that help you do better business — one successful phone conversation at a time.

Are you looking to leverage every conversation into lasting customer relationships? You’ve come to the right place. Find the perfect solution for exactly what you need.


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VoIP for Business

The technology you know and love, with all-new digital functionality.

VoIP phone systems are next-generation communication solutions. Built with telephone staples you know and trust, VoIP phones upgrade traditional telephone functionality by leveraging high-speed Internet connections to handle calls, connect with customers and partners, and build lasting relationships. Today, cutting-edge VoIP technology connects phones to cloud-based management platforms that enable seamless collaboration for innovating customer success solutions.

Clear Communication. Better Business.

VoIP phone systems are all the rage these days. These are phone systems that come loaded with modern features that enhance business communication technology. Moreover, they also pack in a plethora of features that most traditional phone systems are known for. However, finding the right VoIP service provider for your business can be a tad bit challenging, especially when you consider the overwhelming number of options at your disposal.

You need a way to clear the herd to easily find a VoIP service provider that can best cater to your specific needs and requirements. This is where comes into play. You get all the tools you need to compare multiple VoIP provider ratings against each other in a bid to find top-ranking VoIP providers at the best deal. We acquaint you with comprehensive comparison tables that allow you to compare reviews, features, and prices across multiple Canada's best VoIP service providers like Primus, Cogeco, Intratel etc. You can leverage our smart VoIP savings calculator to assess which provider plan best suits you.

You can also refer to user reviews that were submitted by legitimate users with experience using the services. Rest assured, you will get all the details you seek to make an informed decision regarding which VoIP Service provider in Canada is best for your business.

canadas best value voip service
VoIP phone systems pack powerful, cost-effective VoIP features for their already-affordable price tag. With conversations and customer interactions delivered over a high-speed Internet connection, VoIP phone systems eliminate the need for costly long-distance calling and instead make it easy for businesses to “follow-the-sun” in providing excellent customer support wherever they’re based, and wherever customers are calling from. Combined with hosted PBX systems, VoIP phones make call management a breeze, ensuring customer satisfaction from every interaction.
VoIP phone systems can be configured to support the day-to-day demands of business, beginning with customizable call management features that enable clear communication and team collaboration. Program call routing settings with ease, retrieve messages and manage call controls over compatible cloud-based platforms, and collaborate remotely to improve customer experience. VoIP phone systems are largely software-enabled, allowing providers to deploy system upgrades and add new features remotely, but without the additional cost of new hardware every time.
VoIP phone systems are part of a larger, highly adaptable communication network. Combined with hosted PBX and cloud-based management platforms, this entire network can be easily scaled to support a growing enterprise. This equips businesses with increased capacity to respond to higher volumes of customer interactions and leverage every single one of them to achieve an increased bottom line. All it takes is a VoIP phone system you can trust.

Make the Smart Switch to VoIP makes it easy to do the best for your business — upgrade to the latest communication solutions and leverage these for meaningful and productive customer interactions. See what verified clients have to say about leading VoIP providers, and make the switch to this smart solution. Start browsing today to find the best VoIP system to support your growing enterprise.

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Find the Best Value VoIP Provider

Leveraging customer interactions and seamless collaboration starts with finding the right VoIP phone system for your business. With countless providers in the market, it’s important to only trust reputable providers with innovative solutions that allow you to push the boundaries of customer experience. That’s because not all VoIP phone systems were created equal.

The best VoIP phone systems in the market offer cost-effective value for scalable growth and excellent technical support for advanced features. Get to the core of your communication process and find out where the bottlenecks and issues are. Whether it’s poor call queue management, constantly missed calls, or lacklustre service, the right VoIP phone system can help you correct these customer success roadblocks, beginning with advanced call management features, so you never miss a call — and miss out on what customers have to say. From call notifications to mobile access and integrations, VoIP phone systems from the most trusted names in the market pack powerhouse performance so that businesses can respond to queries anytime, anywhere, 365 days a year.

VoIP Service Provider Reviews You Can Trust!

The search for the right VoIP system can be long and tedious if you don’t know what you require. VoIP is here to change that. With trusted reviews and comprehensive guides to the leading VoIP phone systems in the market, VoIP helps you cut to the chase and find the right plan for your budget needs, so you can leverage these features as soon as possible and start innovating the way you connect with customers and partners.

VoIP combines data from various providers to compare features, ease of installation, service quality, and affordability and recommend the right system for every operation. Our goal is to match every business with a VoIP system that supports its growth objectives at a cost-effective rate. Read reviews from verified users and see what they have to say about the leading systems in the market, and discover their competitive advantage.

voip service reviews


The website is very user-friendly, and the reviews are objective and unbiased. The review site has helped me decide which services to use in my city.
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They cover all the necessary information which is important to me.
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They do an excellent job of providing you with all the information you need about a VoIP provider to make an informed decision. This site is your best bet if you're looking for honest customer reviews on VoIP systems.
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VoIP Reviews is a great site to find honest reviews and opinions about VoIP service providers. Thanks to them, I can make an informed decision when choosing a provider.
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The site is always up-to-date with relevant information, and I can find everything I need here. It's by far the best review site out there!
Max Lack
I've looked at many other sites before, and they tend to have too much bias in their reviews. Very helpful site if you are looking to make a decision on your next phone provider.
Isaac Kinser
I believe in the power of reviews and what they can tell you about a company before you make a purchase. I use VoIP Reviews to research different providers. It's so easy to navigate that it makes even the most challenging decision much more manageable!
Melinda Harris
However, after reading some of the reviews, this site is worth your time. The reviews are detailed, informative, and objective.
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If you're looking to buy a new VoIP provider, VoIP Reviews is the best place to go. The website is all great and insightful! They have reviews on almost every VoIP provider in the market, and more importantly, they have verified customer reviews.
Teresa Moran

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