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KrispCall Reviews, Features & Pricing

About KrispCall

KrispCall is a cloud-based telephony system designed for high-growth startups and modern enterprises. With our platform, you can effortlessly secure toll-free, local, mobile, and national phone numbers from over 100 countries, empowering your business to expand globally without needing costly physical infrastructure. Our comprehensive suite of features, including instant call and text capabilities, advanced call routing, and seamless CRM integration, ensures you provide unparalleled customer experiences while enhancing employee efficiency.

KrispCall Features

KrispCall offers the following features:

  • Global Calling: Unlock the potential to expand your customer base globally with KrispCall's global calling features. Make instant, borderless calls to connect with clients worldwide easily.
  • Call on Hold: Ensure your clients receive the assistance they need without dropping the call. KrispCall's call-on-hold feature allows you to pause the conversation while you gather necessary support or information.
  • Call Transfer: Enhance customer satisfaction by quickly routing calls to the most appropriate line or agent, ensuring queries are addressed efficiently without unnecessary waiting.
  • Shared Number: Boost your customer response rates with the shared number feature, allowing multiple devices to receive calls simultaneously and reducing missed call instances.
  • Call Forwarding: Never miss a business opportunity again, even when you're away from the office. With call forwarding, route calls to your cellphone or landline seamlessly.
  • Call Recording: Monitor client interactions and team performance through call recordings. Utilize these insights for customer service enhancement and targeted employee training.
  • Call Filters: Streamline your communication with call filters, enabling you to sift through incoming, outgoing, and missed calls efficiently for better call management.
  • Voicemail: Ensure your clients' queries are never overlooked, even when you're unavailable, by enabling them to leave a voicemail.
  • DND Mode for Agents: Increase productivity by activating the Do Not Disturb mode, which directs incoming calls to voicemails, allowing focused work time.
  • Call Analytics: Drive your business forward with data-driven insights from call analytics. Based on comprehensive analytics, optimize marketing strategies, call handling processes, and team performance.
  • Contact Tags: Organize your contacts more effectively with customizable tags. This feature allows for easier navigation and sorting of clients and team members within your dashboard.
  • Call History:Maintain a comprehensive overview of your communications with a unified dashboard showcasing all call logs, messages, and conversation histories.
  • Caller ID: Personalize your outreach with location-based caller IDs for international calls, increasing the likelihood of connecting with potential customers in new markets.
  • Unified Callbox: Streamline your communication tools into a single dashboard. KrispCall's Unified Callbox integrates calls, SMS, and voicemails, facilitating seamless interaction with teams and customers.
  • Custom Greeting: Create a welcoming atmosphere for your clients with custom greeting messages, personalizing the call experience to make them feel valued and respected.

KrispCall Plans and Pricing

The KrispCall pricing structure is given below:

Essential - US$15 per user per month

  • 5 User limit
  • Bundle Calling and SMS rate: Pay per Minute Calling
  • Callbox
  • Global Phone Numbers
  • Number Porting
  • Pin Contact
  • Pin Message
  • Starred Message
  • Recording Playback Fast Forward
  • Call Filters
  • SMS Filter
  • Call History
  • Click To Call Button/Widget Coming Soon
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail Filter
  • Bulk Contact Import
  • Web App/Web Dialer
  • Android/iOS Apps
  • Answer Calls In Browser
  • Greeting Voice Messages
  • Call On Hold Music
  • Pause/Resume Call Recording
  • Notes in Callbox
  • Notes in Dialer
  • Tag in Dialer
  • Tag in Callbox
  • DND For Phone Numbers
  • DND For Caller
  • New Lead Alerts
  • Member To Member Communication
  • Text Messages (SMS)
  • Light Weight CRM
  • Dashboard
  • Create Workspace
  • Call Analytics

Standard US$40 per user per month

  • Includes features of Essential plan, plus
  • Users Limit: Unlimited
  • Call Recordings And Storage: Unlimited
  • Call Transfer
  • Phone Trees (IVR)
  • API and Webhook access

Enterprise Custom pricing per user per month

  • Includes features of Standard plan, plus
  • Bundle Calling and SMS rate: Included
  • Developer Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Editorial Verdict

KrispCall stands out as a revolutionary telephony solution that blends convenience with innovation, offering businesses of all sizes a seamless way to manage global communications. Its comprehensive suite of features, from global calling to call analytics and customized greetings, ensures that businesses can offer exceptional customer service while optimizing operational efficiency.

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