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Voice-over-IP is the future of phones and effective business communication — and there's more than one way to get the features you need to start meaningful, value-adding conversations.

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Does Your Business need a VoIP Phone System

The growth of the digital age has businesses turning to new ways of reaching customers, particularly through online channels. But you can’t dismiss the power of a meaningful conversation just yet.

Unlike traditional landlines, VoIP phone systems pack powerful features that change the way you pick up the phone and respond to customer queries. VoIP phone systems pack feature-rich solutions for keeping up with the changing demands of customer experience, such as:

  • Unlimited number of lines and extensions
  • Advanced call management features
  • Voicemail-to-email message retrieval
  • Cloud-based web management platforms for both in-office and remote collaboration, enabling businesses to answer and route calls, track call analytics, and innovate on customer support protocols in the long run
  • Multi-platform integration, including desktop and mobile controls
  • Unlimited Canada-wide and even US calling, as well as lower international rates
  • Easy setup, fast deployment, and minimal hardware investment requirement.

All these features are accessible through VoIP phone systems rather than traditional landlines and legacy systems. That’s because VoIP phones use strong and reliable Internet connections, which allow businesses and customers to connect for much less than international call rates while maintaining superior voice — and even video — quality.

This allows customers to relay their concerns and get the answers they need much faster, ensuring that agents never miss a word of what customers have to say, without having to worry about static and poor reception affecting the quality of service. With the global reach of the Internet, as opposed to expensive long-distance calls over a landline, businesses like yours can easily go global and reach new markets — even without having to set up a physical office.

VoIP phone systems make virtual collaboration highly possible and with an outstanding approach, making it easy to provide excellent customer service all over the globe, wherever you are based.

Complete the Switch to Smart and Seamless Communication

The fact remains — despite the online buzz that viral marketing practices generate, there’s no replacing individual, personalized human interaction, just like the warm reception that customers would receive face-to-face in your store or office. VoIP phone systems allow you to leverage this advantage and turn each phone conversation into valuable, long-lasting customer relationships. With real-time data, superior voice quality, and improved call queue management, you can promote a culture of excellent customer experience — one that will always define your unique brand.

Find top business VoIP Providers to support your growing enterprise. Leverage phone conversations into valuable customer inteactions. Get the best deal today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business VoIP?

VoIP, aka Voice Over Internet Protocol, is basically a piece of technology that facilitates communication over the internet. It takes audio data, encapsulates it, and then breaks it down into small data packets. These small packets travel through IP networks to reach their destination where they are again reformed into their original audio format.

What is a PBX?

PBX, aka Private Branch Exchange, are phone systems that operate either via VoIP or via digital phone lines. In a normal PBX phone system, the physical phone line entering your business can be split into multiple lines, facilitating support for more telephones. A PBX phone system will have features like call forwarding, voicemail, call-queue, voice-attendant, etc.

How to Choose the Best Small Business VoIP Provider:

To find the best small business VoIP providers, we recommend narrowing down your quest to a few VoIP service providers that are highly lauded as the best in the industry. To make the final decision, we suggest comparing them against each with regard to certain parameters.

  • Choose a VoIP service provider based on the geographic location of your customers.
  • make sure the VoIP phone system you choose integrates seamlessly with business applications like CRM, email marketing, and other APIs.
  • The VoIP phone service provider should offer 24/7 customer support.
  • Choose a VoIP provider that can scale with your business
  • The cost you incur for the VoIP phone system should be affordable and not exceed your budget.

Benefits of using Business VoIP Phone Service

There are several benefits of using Business VoIP Phone services. The most prominent of which are as follows:

  • Share a single number with multiple employees
  • Let's you receive phone calls via desktop and cell phone devices.
  • Track hold times, voice call duration, wait times, and overall usage.
  • You get a business phone number.
  • The VoIP services offer call forwarding, call routing, unlimited extensions, and tons of other features.
  • Calling rates for both international and local phone calls are cheap with VoIP phone systems.